While more and more spas are doing vajazzles, a spa vajazzle is not inexpensive and some would prefer to do it themselves. Fortunately, it is easy to do it yourself vajazzle. See our How to Vajazzzle for step by step instructions.

Although Swarovski crystals are the best bling, any kind of bling works for a vajazzle. Use your imagination and creativity to fashion a unique vajazzle. Vajazzles don’t just have to be on the vajayjay, any place on your body is a vajazzle canvas. Buttazzle anyone?

Here are some things you’ll need to be a Do It Yourself vajazzler:

Vajazzle preparation products are need to prepare your hoo ha for the vajazzle.

Vajazzle adhesives are needed for sticking the crystals to your body.

Vajazzle crystals give the vajazzle it’s dazzle.